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5 out of 5 stars - Without a doubt, this was the best auto buying experience I've ever had in my 77 year life. I traveled 2400 miles to view and test drive this amazing car. It well might be the best car I've ever owned. They arranged a quick enclosed transport to deliver this car to me, and from the bottom of my heart, I say THANK YOU!


It was a real pleasure working with Tyler to purchase my car. The only glitch to the whole process was the dealerships Finance Company raised the interest rate because the mileage was over a hundred thousand miles. This resulted in my going through my credit union to finance the car which delayed the process by a few hours. Other than that, it was a five-star experience!


Incredible dealer! I bought 2 Mercedes!


Selection of cars was impressive - Shannon was great to work with in the purchase process!


Thank you for making my buying experience uncomplicated and pleasant. I am always looking for ways to make life's experiences more fun.
My transaction has been fun and an opportunity to establish a new automotive relationship.


Great experience. Very knowledgeable and helpful!


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